The Stealth Key launched at Intersec Dubai 22nd Jan 2017

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The Security breach of Key duplication

The evolution of 3D printing and 3D scanning has left key copy protection solutions obsolete

The Security breach explained in 1 min

Current and advancing 3D scanning and printing technology means that now keys can be copied by individuals quickly, cheaply and without trace. This has created a significant security exposure for nearly all organisations responsible for the physical security of assets.

The exposure is amplified for those organisations required to distribute keys to a wide range of staff and contractors. Not only does this represent significant commercial exposure for organisations, in the current climate of terrorist threats this exposure represents a clear and present danger to public safety.

Today it is relatively simple for a group or individual with criminal intent to infiltrate organisations, departments or agencies responsible for physically secured assets and to gain access to and duplicate high security keys without trace by employing readily available, consumer level imaging and 3D printing devices. This is not a potential exposure. This exists today. Real life scenarios include security guards at train stations, data centers or power stations, council event managers, electricity network contractors or correctional facility officers. All require access to assets to fulfill their day-to-day tasks. All can now copy the physical keys they use without trace.


Developers of Superior high security keys

Our Technology

The Stealth Key: unscannable security

Stealth Key

Hidden internal coding

– Purely mechanical solution
– 5 million possible combinations
– Extensive master keying possibilities
– Can be combined with electronics

Designed by cylinder experts

– Reliable and durable due to its superior design and precision manufacturing
– Lock picking and bump resistant
– Anti-drill capabilities

World’s first 3D metal printed key

– Superior protection against unauthorized key duplication
– Unlimited customization possibilities

The Stealth Key – the ultimate security key

Founded by a team of engineers with 3D metal printing and physical security expertise, pioneering Swiss lab UrbanAlps has resolved the critical issue of unauthorized key duplication with the development of their patented Stealth Key and cylinder technology.

Beautifully simple: a key which hides most of its mechanical security features internally – rendering the key unscannable. It has no electronics, nor magnets, just secure and reliable mechanics. For millennia keys have essentially been sheets of metal with holes, today thanks to 3D metal printing, the mechanical security key is turned inside out. A 3D printed metallic key that hides most of its mechanical security features internally Externally, all keys employing Stealth technology look identical, inside they hide extensive master keying possibilities. The keys are made of Titanium with an outstanding appeal, strength-to-weight ratio and durability. The new standard of high security keys.


UrbanAlps delivers solutions for the protection of high risk physical assets to organisations and governmental agencies worldwide and are currently engaged on a number of critical projects in Europe to update vulnerable security infrastructure with Stealth Technology.

A high-tech Swiss company founded in 2014 and with offices in Zürich (Headquarters), Prague and Dubai. It has developed and patented the world’s 1st 3D metal printed key, creating the new standard of high security cylinder-locks and keys.

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Duplication complexity

High security key
Stealth Key