Stealth Padlock

Stealth technology coupled with aerospace materials
Shrouded Shackle

Shackle diameter: 12 mm
Shackle clearance width: 20 mm
Shackle clearance height: 17 mm (* max. hasp’s eye thickness).

Superalloy Housing

Height x width x thickness: 95 x 105 x 35mm
Anti-drill keyhole protection thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 1,8 kg

Stealth Key

Superior key copy protection. Key duplicates only made in factories.
The world’s 1st 3D metal printed key which hides its security features inside.

10 years warranty

Superalloy used in the engines of SpaceX Falcon 9

the security industry

Shackle & housing made with superalloy material used for landing gears, aerospace rockets and gas turbines.

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Stealth Padlock

Heavy Duty as never before

970€ per superalloy padlock including 2 Stealth Keys and one security card for ordering additional keys.
Buy now the first series of a new era in the history of locks.
First limited series available for delivery in July.

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Superalloy housing to resist prolonged liquid nitrogen attacks

Shackle and Housing made of superalloy material, same material which is used in SpaceX rocket engines and gas turbines.
First time ever in the security industry, resistant to prolonged liquid nitrogen attacks and high temperature torch attacks.
For maximum resistance to attacks the StealthPadlock is equipped with the Stealth Key to provide maximum key duplication protection and shrouded shackle to avoid cutting and grinding attacks.
The heavy duty StealthPadlock is Class 4 Resistance Certificated, maximum certification achieved by padlocks.

RC 4 Certification
No Rust

high temperature torch attacks

extreme weather conditions

prolonged liquid nitrogen attacks

drilling resistant

sawing resistant

cutting resistant

High risk sectors

Ideal for perimeter security and any location where extreme weather conditions and potential attacks require the highest level of resistance and key copy protection. Lock picking

Energy and Utilities
Data Centres and Corporations
Governmental Assets
Border Control & Airports
Oil and Gas Platforms
Secure Transport & Logistics
Military Facilities
Manufacturing Facilities

Fully Protected& Controlled Duplication

Master Keying & keyed alike

Durability > 100,000 cycles

Anti-Drill cap & pin fortification

Lock picking & Bump resistant

EN 1630: 2016 Resistance Class 4