Turning Security Keys Inside Out

For millennia keys have been sheets of metal with holes. Today, using 3D metal printing, Urban Alps has turned the security key inside out.

Providing the highest level of security protection, Stealth Technology delivers a physical key and cylinder system where the code is neatly hidden to avoid duplication.  For clients, this provides ultimate confidence that their high security keys are unscannable and work independently of digital systems.

Stealth Technology harnesses the power of industrial 3D metal printing to deliver superior key copy protection. Employed in the production of high strength components for satellites, jet engines and gas turbines, UrbanAlps’ advanced technology is a key component in providing an unrivalled key solution to mitigate duplication risks.

Stealth keys secure
Hidden Codes

Stealth Keys are made of a super-alloy and hide their code under narrow edges ensuring that the key cannot be photographed, scanned or duplicated. Keys are custom made and individually coded.

Purely Mechanical

Stealth Keys are produced by melting layers of super-alloy powder, the same technology used in the production of high strength components for jet engines and gas turbines.

Stealth Keys, Cylinders and Padlocks require NO maintenance. They contain NO batteries, NO cables, NO magnets and NO digital interface.

* StealthKey build-up layer by layer

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